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What is Pasithea?

Pasithea is a new tweak developed by us at Cannathea that enhances the iOS pasteboard by giving it recallable history. Built off of the powerful tweak PasteBoardSwitch, Pasithea has the ability to save things you've copied to the pasteboard so you can easily and conveniently paste them again.

Pasithea comes with a custom keyboard, called Pasithea Keyboard; along with a Flipswitch listener that lets you activate Pasithea almost anywhere - even via an Activator gesture!

By default, Pasithea will store up to 40 strings of Pasteboard history. The maximum can be changed in Pasithea's settings, ranging from 5 entries all the way to 100 entries. Pasithea will not save duplicate text strings.

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Pasithea is configurable via the Settings app. You can configure almost every aspect of Pasithea's behaviour - this includes changing the maximum amount of history that Pasithea will save, or change which keyboard Pasithea Keyboard will replace.


Pasithea also automatically makes periodic backups of the Pasteboard data. You can also manually create backups from Pasithea's settings.

Pasithea Keyboard

Pasithea Keyboard can be used to quickly insert past pasteboard history just by switching to it in the keyboard list.

Pasithea Keyboard

By default on a clean install, Pasithea Keyboard replaces the Tibetan keyboard and automatically adds itself to the activated keyboards list. Please note that if you need to use the Tibetan keyboard, you may choose to instead replace the Tamil keyboard - you may do this from Pasithea's settings.

If you do not wish to Pasithea Keyboard at all, you may completely turn its functionality off in Pasithea's settings.

Pasithea Flipswitch

Pasithea also comes with its own Flipswitch listener - suitable for use in either Control Center (via FlipControlCenter or similar tweak) or Activator.

Pasithea Flipswitch

When Pasithea's Flipswitch listener is invoked, it will show the pasteboard history in a popup.

Tap on the desired history entry to copy it, then tap on a text field to insert it.

Compatibility with other tweaks

We've tested Pasithea to be compatible with these tweaks:

  • HandyKey
  • ShowCase
  • iKeywi 3
  • PreferenceOrganizer 2

Please note that just because it isn't on this list, doesn't mean it won't work. Pasithea shouldn't conflict with most tweaks.

Get Pasithea

Pasithea is now available from the Cydia Store (BigBoss) for $1.99 USD.