We're Cannathea, a three-person software development team focusing primarily on jailbroken iOS.


  1. Pasithea 2 (iOS 10 to 12)
    Allows you to manage the iOS pasteboard history on iOS 10, 11, and 12.

  2. Pasithea (iOS 7/8/9)
    Allows you to manage the iOS pasteboard history on iOS 7, 8, and 9.

  3. Apple File Conduit "2" (arm64/KPPLess)
    Allows full file-system access over USB for arm64 devices, especially for those using a KPPLess jailbreak.

  4. KillBackgroundXS
    A simple but useful tweak to kill all background apps. This can be invoked by either adding a button to the App Switcher, swiping down on an app card in the switcher, or even via Control Centre button.

  5. NotifyWiFi X
    Sends a notification when connected to Wi-Fi, adds additional features to the Wi-Fi preference pane, and allows you to skip the passcode when connected to specific Wi-Fi networks.

  6. QuickCC
    Expands Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity in the Control Center.

  7. iKeywi 4
    Add your own customisable keys to the keyboard!


Have a suggestion? Want to provide feedback? Curious about the source code? We're here.

  1. Email[email protected]
  2. Twitter@Cannathea
  3. GitHubCannathea